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If you prefer the "stumpies" to the "flanken cut" short ribs ... they are best smoked "low and slow" using the Meat Masters "225 Slow-Smoke Fire©", as pictured above. Stumpies aren't much of a meatload .. so you may have to cut back on the coals. Use only a half second layer (on the fire-starting side) instead of a full second layer. Typically sold attached to the rib bone .. you can leave the meat attached to the bone or remove the bones. We prefer removing the bones to get more "Bovine Bark©" seasoning on the meat surface and save the bones for another purpose.

We freeze the short rib bones for use later in autumn when we make a large batch of smoked beef stock for winter stews, gravies and chilis. Short rib bones have a fair amount of marrow in them and are excellent for making beef stock. And making your own smoked beef stock is easy and better than buying the canned stuff at the grocery store. Your stews, gravies and chilis will have much better flavor.

Upcoming Meat Masters Radio shows will cover how to smoke the "stumpies" ... as well as how to easily make smoked beef stock. Go to next page .. click here.


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